Distributed Power and Heat Network Will Have a Long Way to Go

Clean and renewable energies industries are developing at a very slow speed now, the major problems are the immature technologies and the high cost, and now people begin to realize distributed power and heat network theory might be the most appropriate solution to ease this situation.
The scientists and engineers will work out the tech part in some day, maybe in a few years later, questioning the rate of tech innovation is not wise any more, if you look back in the America history, the period between people using carriage and driving a car is only 12 years; it only took 10 years for the Chinese to change the habit of using fixed phone to mobile phone.

Subsidies from the government would be able to help the renewable energy industry in the long term, to be independent and making profit ability, every penny of the investment must go to the most valuable place. Take the briquette production for example, one major part of the cost comes from the transportation, with the deliver and raw material collecting range limited, the cost can be reduced by a large part, this is how the distributed power and heat network comes out naturally. It could be more flexible with the small and mobile briquette press machine in the rural areas.

All renewable fuel industries’ goals are the same-to be integrated into the major power and heat system, the cost caused by distance problem is not easy to solve, and the productivity of these corporations are still at low level, so there seems to be a very long way to go.

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Why Use the Forest Wood Waste in Biomass Briquette Production

There are some people making a point on how biomass briquettes are developing in the wrong direction, and biomass briquette production has caused more problem and shall be stopped, the fact forest land is decreasing is the truth, but it is only part of the truth. There are illegal cuttings of the trees in the forest in some European countries, part of them are well grown ones, it takes dozens of years for a tree to grow that big, cut those trees down to make wood briquette and logs is a act of wasting resources.

Cutting some of the trees that are dead and having serious worm problems would do good to the forest: it would adjust the plant density for better growing conditions; prevent the worm problems to spread to other trees; and one very important thing is preventing the fire accidents. Each year, there are unexpected fire happening in the forest around the world, the unusual dry and hot weather would increase the fire rate, the wooden residues like leaves and branches in the forest are very easy to catch fire, and with the strong wind, the fires usually last for several days before going out. The fires turn the trees and plant into waste, so reduce the wooden residues in the forest before the unusual weather come would lower the chances of the fire, it is a one stone and two birds deal.

Forest wood waste is a very natural gift for biomass briquette production, it is a reliable raw material resource for wood briquette plant, once the illegal cutting problem is solved, biomass briquette industry would come to a better time.

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How to Do The Biomass Briquette Fuel Business Successfully

It’s been said that there is no garbage in the world, only the resource in the wrong place.

To a country, fuel crisis and weak fuel independence means the development of the country is limited, now every country in the world is trying to control its own destiny of fuel, even the Japan, a country which lacks every kind of fuel resources, now seeks the help of solar, sea wave, wind powers, and the recently found flammable ice. In most of other developed countries, the biomass fuel business is well known and becomes better each year.

The biomass briquette fuel is one of the many environmental friendly fuel types, its development process might provide a lot of useful info for other more tech-lead fuels like solar, wind power. Here are some advices from the companies which has been successful in this field:

1.    Independent research and development of technology: the technology in biomass briquette making still has great potential to upgrade, without independent R&D, no better biomass briquette machine can be developed to fit the market, and the company wouldn’t go very far.

2.    Raw material resource: the raw material resource is unstable; the production field is scattered; no platform for the communication of the seller and buyer-they couldn’t find each other; the raw material price stability, the company who can solve these problem has already been half successful.

3.    Sustained financing: The support from government shall not be the only help to the biomass briquette fuel industry, the company which is able to get sustained financing would be much stronger when facing with the unexpected risks.

4.    Selling: to have a list of good customers is not easy, there is a lot of work to do, the reduced management cost in the future is the big reward.

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