Uses of a wood dust briquetting machine

A wood dust briquetting machine is used in the manufacture of briquettes from wood dust which in many times is regarded as waste. Technology has brought people from far as other resourceful commodities become inaccessible. Due to the current economic times that have seen some fuel expenses rise like in the case of gas and electricity bills, this has led to designing and manufacturing of equipment that can make life easier. Pellet making machines and briquetting machines. If you are in the lumber industry, you may want to think of investing in the wood dust also known as sawdust and regarded as a waste product. You can make wood briquettes that you could sell for extra cash or even use them in your own home to heat or burn.

wood dust briquetting machine

wood dust briquetting machine

To access this, all you need is a wood dust briquetting machine that can be purchased online from reputed suppliers of the same. Sometimes there are briquetting machines that can multitask allowing you to enjoy more benefits from the machine in that they will be able to manufacture briquettes from different raw materials like low quality waste papers, sawdust, charcoal dust, water hyacinth, leaves, grasses, straws or even stems including other agricultural residues. Note agricultural residues should only be used if you do not intend to have other uses for them like in the case of soil enrichment. If you want to start in the fuel briquette making project, you need to have raw materials in your reach.

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Wood Briquette Machine

This briquette machine is a new-style machine used to create fuel for home usage. The machine takes in the raw materials, pass it through the crusher or the hammer mill which crushes it. This crush wood is then passed through the drier which dries the material. The drier passes the material through biomass briquette machine, and the product prepares. The important thing about the raw material in the machine is its size. These machines are divided into two types to crush the material in two different sizes.
wood briquette
The choice of wood briquette machine model will depend on the size of the material and type of the raw material. The crush material in the wood crushing machine is used to crush the wood. The size that the wood crusher can process must be less than 200 mm diameter. Furthermore, note that the moisture of the wood must be less than 30%. After the wood pass from the crushing machine, its size reduces to 3-5mm, which is best for briquette and drying purpose. Another type of wood crushing machine is hammer mill. This type of machine is used to cut large materials like wood into small materials. This machine can only be used for soft materials like wood and corn cob.

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