Why Use the Forest Wood Waste in Biomass Briquette Production

There are some people making a point on how biomass briquettes are developing in the wrong direction, and biomass briquette production has caused more problem and shall be stopped, the fact forest land is decreasing is the truth, but it is only part of the truth. There are illegal cuttings of the trees in the forest in some European countries, part of them are well grown ones, it takes dozens of years for a tree to grow that big, cut those trees down to make wood briquette and logs is a act of wasting resources.

Cutting some of the trees that are dead and having serious worm problems would do good to the forest: it would adjust the plant density for better growing conditions; prevent the worm problems to spread to other trees; and one very important thing is preventing the fire accidents. Each year, there are unexpected fire happening in the forest around the world, the unusual dry and hot weather would increase the fire rate, the wooden residues like leaves and branches in the forest are very easy to catch fire, and with the strong wind, the fires usually last for several days before going out. The fires turn the trees and plant into waste, so reduce the wooden residues in the forest before the unusual weather come would lower the chances of the fire, it is a one stone and two birds deal.

Forest wood waste is a very natural gift for biomass briquette production, it is a reliable raw material resource for wood briquette plant, once the illegal cutting problem is solved, biomass briquette industry would come to a better time.

Posted in Biomass Briquettes by biomass briquette machine at April 17th, 2013.