Briquetting machine with hydraulic design updates briquetting machine design concept

GC-HBP125 Hydraulic Briquetting Machine

GEMCO GC-HBP125hydraulic briquette machine is newly designed to optimize traditional hydraulic briquettes machines with hydraulic system and its features. GC-HBP125 hydraulic briquetting machine which can reduce various of biomass materials in size high to 90% by turning them into high density biomass briquettes fuel, which is small in volume, high in heating value, easy for transporting.By integrating Siemens intelligent PLC module, this briquetting machine realizes a better environment where making biomass briquettes is smarter, safer and quieter.



Max .Capacity (kg/h) *125
Power (kW) 7.5+1.5
Briquette formats (mm)  Φ 70, length is adjustable
Volume of Hopper (m3) 1.5
Weight (kg) 1200
Dimension (mm) 3150*1270*1790

How does hydraulic briquetting machine work?

Well-prepared biomass material with proper size and with moisture content around 12% will be loaded into a material bin and conveyed by a screw conveyor to the briquetting cavity, and pressed into blocks in sequence after the work of hydraulic cylinders and the mould. The product, with the forming density of 0.7-1kg/dm3, will be pushed out along with the slideway.


What’s special and unique about GC-HBP125hydraulic briquette machine?    

GC-HBP125hydraulic briquette machine is advanced and unique because of the following special designs.


1. Screw Conveying System

Different from the conventionally feet-based machine, this new model hydraulic briquette press is made on a solidly welded steel frame (as the underbed), the latter of which connects with a bin. And a conveyor and its motor and reducer are installed under the bin bottom.


2. Shape Forming System

The forming system includes three hydraulic cylinders and the mould, with the moulding cavity linked to one end of the conveyor; both the hydraulic power unit and electrical cabinet are situated on the underbed as a whole for the convenient of resettlement.


3. Holistic Cover

Holistic CoverA holistic cover outside the press keeps the operator away from possible dangers. The cover should not be disassembled during normal running. And feeding observation hole, hydraulic pressure gauge and its switch are all on the cover to facilitate inspection and operation.


4. Intelligent Pressure Switch and Switch Cage

The hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic power unit, motion parts, and connecting parts. The hydraulic power unit has fuel tank components, oil pump, motor unit and integrated package. Motion parts include all active hydro-cylinders and the connecting parts consist of all linked pipelines.


5. Electric Control Touch Screen

The electrical control system, divided into auto and manual control parts, covers cabinet and internal components, including control touch screen, PLC and other components.


6. Three-layer Warning Lights

Three layer warning lights. When in operation, if the green light is on, it means the machine is in good state; yellow light means warning problems; and red light means the working machine needs an emergent stop.


What’s the advantages of the newly designed briquetting machine?

•      It has good forming rate, low power consumption, stable running, highly automatic operating system, complete alarm system and takes small space.

•      It adopts PLC system and visual touch screen control system, so that all processes can be seen on the screen. The PLC is SIMENS 224 Series; the contactor, motor protector and other components are Schneider brand; the touch screen uses domestic famous brand THINGET.

•      Automatic alarm device is applied to the wood briquette machine to ensure production safety, which includes overpressure alarm, temperature alarm, blockage alarm, etc. Operator can see the alarm light and know where goes wrong quickly and solve the problem in time. (More details will be shown in our Instruction Manual.)

•      The automatic feeding system can ensure steady production and prevent material blockage.

•      The high-strength hydraulic pressing system can provide enough compression force to keep the safety and stability of briquetting process. The hydraulic valve is imported German Rexroth brand.

•      The shape of briquettes can be customized according to customer requirement.

•      The quality and performance of this hydraulic wood briquette machine can meet EU standards.

•      Complete intelligent liquid temperature control system. If the hydraulic oil temperature exceeds the top and bottom limitation of set temperature, the system will automatically start cooling fan or electric heating system to guarantee oil temperature.


Questions you may want to know about the new hydraulic briquetting machine:

How is the quality of the hydraulic system?

The hydraulic system is consisted of the high quality equipment, such as, the REXROTH original hydraulic valve, Y3 high quality motor and PZS. The high quality of the each equipment ensures the stability and reliability of the hydraulic system.


How to control the temperature of the hydraulic oil?

The whole set of intelligent hydraulic oil control system is adopted. When the temperature of the hydraulic oil is approaching to the high or low temperature limits, the intelligent hydraulic oil control system can automatically turn on or turn off the fan cooling system or the electric heating system to ensure the hydraulic oil at the desirable temperature.


Is the manual operation possible?

The operation system is consisted of manual operation system and automatic operation system. The user can choose the proper operation system according the situation. The human-computer interface is elegant, humanized, and simple which can be easily mastered by the mass workers; the status bar on the man-computer interface presents the working status of each part directly to the user. And also the user can adjust the time and volume of material feeding on the man-computer interface directly and conveniently.


How does the alarming system work?

The impeccable fault alarming system is designed to include the reliable over-pressure alarming, temperature alarming, blocking alarming, etc. Green light on indicates health running; yellow light on indicates regular error (a shutdown examination is suggested); red light on indicates a severe accident and forced shutdown.

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