The Destiny of Biomass Briquette Industry in China

Nobody remembers who is the first one to take a try on biomass fuel industry, while it is for sure that 10 years ago,YuanchunShi-an academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering saw great potential in the importance of developing biomass fuel industry. It now seems that the regions in China are doing well in this new field are Guangdong province, Pearl River Delta region and Henan province.

After about 10 years of development, which company is the first to start is not important anymore, it is which one develops better that matters. It takes a lot of courage to put biomass fuels into application, in the last 10 years, a great part of the people who has started the biomass fuel business had failed. One story for an investor is like this: the owner of a fire place manufacturer tried to manufacturer the biomass combustion machine, then for technical problems, he destroyed several batches of machines by himself, and more than 500 thousands RMB were wasted, lucky for him, he succeeded in make the profit that can cover the invest fund in one year.

China is the world largest manufacturer, it has hundreds and thousands of factories that need fuel every day. While the traditional fossil fuels and natural gas has the disadvantage of high pollution level, high cost, the sustainable clean biomass fuel becomes the logical choice. Although this is still has a series of problems waiting to be solved. The biomass briquetting machine, biomass fireplaces, biomass boiler and other specialized equipments would be improved and biomass fuel industry will change the world in the near future.

Posted in Biomass Briquettes at May 2nd, 2013. .