Charcoal Briquette Machine

For those who don’t know, the charcoal briquette machine is used to suppress different types of mineral powders, metal powders, carbon powders and any other material to mold them. The three best characteristics of the machine are high density, high strength and harness. These properties are because of the mandatory rollers. The working principle of the charcoal briquette machine is that it passes the power to the pressure rollers with the help of reducer. The natural materials that enter into the rollers, high pressure of the rollers convert them to the finishing product. After long research and hard work, four roller machines have been developed.
charcoal briquettescharcoal briquette machine
These machines work on the same principle as that of two rollers machine. Two rollers suppress materials in the form of pipeline and a solid foundation has been developed for the finished ball. The specifications of the product include high forming output and rate, the pressure of the rollers is very high that squeeze the material in seconds and it has no smell or smoke coming out of the machine. These features enable the machine to use for domestic purposes and it has great demand in the international market. The high density feature makes it possible for the customer to squeeze any product and high pressure makes the work easy.

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