Common Knowledge on Biomass Straw Pellet Fuel Miller

Straw Pellet Fuel Miller Introduction:
Straw pellet fuel miller is the common name for a series of machines which are specialized for the purpose of turning saw dust, straw, peanut hull, haulm, tree branches, edible fungus waste and other biomass matters into fuel pellet products with high heat values. Biomass fuel stove is the corollary equipment developed for higher heat efficiency.

Pellet Miller Working Principle:
It can be simply explained in one word: the raw materials are made into pellet through the pressure between the 2 parts of the machine-the roller and the die. In the pellet production, if the raw materials contains high quantities of cellulose and lignin, the step of adding addictives or binder can be skipped, the lignin is a matter featured with Benzene propane type polymer compound, under normal conditions it extracted into no solvent, but it has a soften point, with pressure added, the lignin will make the cellulose structure reform and become one whole unite, that is process going inside of the raw materials.

Straw Pellet Characteristics:
Straw pellet products are featured with high weight proportion, small size, long burning time, easier to be transport and stored. The size of it could be 1/30-1/40 of the original size of the raw material, the heat value range is 3400-6000 calories.

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