Straw Charcoal Machines for Various Establishments

The straw charcoal machinesare special industrial equipment which are used to process straw coal. Straw coal refers to corn straw, wheat straw, hush, or groundnut shell. Other types of straw coal include corn cubs, leaves, sawdust, and other raw materials. Straw coal is widely used. It is used for cooking. It is also used in industries to power boilers and biomass power plants. It is also an important material which is used by hotels, restaurants, and other establishments out there.

The straw charcoal machines can crush huge amounts of raw material of straw charcoal in just a short period of time. These crushed straw charcoals will be sent through a screw conveyor. When the piston comes back, the raw materials will be compressed in a special tube. The piston will go forward to compact the materials into die. After the materials have been formed, they will be cooled. Once they have been cooled they will be packed and eventually sold to the market. There are numerous manufacturing companies out there who sell straw charcoal equipments. They can really save a huge amount of fuel costs. Hotels, restaurants, and industries are recommended to have at least one of these machines. Using charcoal as fuel you will not only help you save money but also help save the environment.

Posted in Charcoal Briquette Machine by biomass briquette machine at May 18th, 2012.