Using Biomass Briquette as a Fuel

With the rising costs of heating and natural fuel many are seeking for alternatives that are cheaper and cost effective. The biomass briquette as a fuel, offers a way out especially where the required raw materials are readily available. biomass briquette fuelWith growing population and the depletion of forests and natural cover, many environmentalists will call for alternative fuel sources that will not pollute the air therefore lead to reduction global warming causing pollutants. A call to make the earth a better place for all the living things is on the increase and all means to achieve this welcomed.

Acquisition of machines that will make the biomass briquette as a fuel, increases the chances of fighting and championing for a greener environment. This provides ready cooking and fuel that is simple and easy to produce. As a renewable energy source, biomass has varied technological options that converts or release energy such as:

  • Heat
  • Electricity
  • Biofuel

The biomass fuel can be derived from the following; wood, agro waste and solid waste. It can be converted to usable forms such as biogas, ethanol, and biodiesel. Fermentation of some crops such as corn can be fermented to produce fuels for automobiles. A lot of research is underway to produce other fuels for use.

Electricity production from forests products, agro waste and animal residue is becoming common and briquette making from biomass even more popular.

Posted in Biomass Briquettes by biomass briquette machine at March 2nd, 2012.